Lythia Harrison (raptus_regalite) wrote in antusgravitus,
Lythia Harrison

I don't really think anyone will read this, considering that this RP is pretty much done for. But after some thinking, I figured it was a better idea to just let this RP go. Kait currently cannot use her computer and I haven't talked to her on the phone since Nicole I don't know her take on it.

Oddly enough, however, Esh & I decided to do our own RP (along with Kait). It opened the same day Nicole posted. That was a little freaky XD

So, for those of you who wish to still RP, you can take a look at it here. It's post-Hogwarts (you may recognize a few of our OCs there). We're looking for certain canon characters, and until those are filled, we will not be opening up OC applications.

Erm...yea. Tally ho, sweethearts.
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