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The Mist

You have entered the Mist

Antus Gravitus: A Harry Potter RPG
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Antus Gravitus: This spell creates an innocent looking mist. A person stepping inside this mist find that up and down have been reversed and are hanging from the ground over the sky.

This is a Harry Potter RPG. It takes place in the year 1997, during Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts. School has just started. The Death Eaters and the Aurors are at a War with each other...will the students at Hogwarts survive? Or be corrupted by what's to come?
We are currently in the month of September.

The things everyone loves to hate..
1) This RPG is slash and het. friendly. If you have any problems with that, find another RPG.
2) It is recommended that you apply if you are over at least 16, as there is smutting going on, and it is sometimes posted.
3) No TyPiNg LiKe ThiS. It’s extremely annoying and very immature. We’re all adults, (or at least close to it) we don’t need that kind of bull.
4) Conflicts with characters are accepted, however, if we find out that you are having a conflict with another PERSON, it is grounds for a ‘discussion’ in which the mods will pull you and the opposing person into a chat room, and talk your issue out.
5) Your character is not all powerful. You may know things OOC, but your character does NOT. Not unless they are told IN-GAME.
6) There must be a minimum of one post per week per character. You will be given three warnings. If you miss three weeks without a post, or without notification of your absence, we will remove you from the community.
7) Once a player is removed from this community, it is the duty of the rest of the remaining players to remove them from their friends list. It can get very confusing if your friend’s page is not up to date.
8) (The most important rule) We are all here to have fun, and because we all LOVE J.K. Rowling, and the amazing world she’s created. :D :D
9) The Limit is three characters.

~*The Rules*~ can also be found here.

~*Resources*~ Harry Potter Lexicon

Deceased Characters:
Colin Creevey
Rubeus Hagrid
Sibyll Trelawney {Firenze is our Divinations Teacher}
Fred Weasley
Arthur Weasley
Mandy Brocklehurst
Lucius Malfoy
Mr. Parkinson
Mr. Greengrass
Lavender Brown
Padma Patil
Lisa Turpin
Jack Sloper
Professor Sprout
Emmaline Vance
Rudolphus Lestrange
Augustus Rookwood
C. Warrington
Willy Widdershins
Sirius Black

Walden MacNair
Rabastion Lestrange

You can also check this out for our characters.
Gryffindors Ravenclaws Hufflepuffs Slytherins Teachers Death Eaters Order of the Pheonix Members Ministry of Magic Workers Others

-We still would like more canon characters ((Lexicon List) ) but you may apply for an original character, though the judging will be done with a counsel of current members to decide on your admittance.

-No more than 3 characters per player until we get everyone we'd like to have filled. We will make an announcement when we allow more.

If you're interested in applying, please e-mail this application to MoonlightYellow@aol.com, AND Wings2fly13@aol.com.

Personal Information
Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Contact Info: {AIM and E-mail}

Character Information
Character's Name:
Side: (Light or Dark)
Sample RP Entry:
Sample Journal Entry:

AND as well, please either send us a picture of who you're planning on using for your character, or just give us their name. We don't want to have any doubles.

Oh, and check out our web page here

Just a reminder that codes are no longer needed for LiveJournal! Just another reason to join up! This RP is slash and het friendly, if squeemish...we probably aren't right for you.