Lythia Harrison (raptus_regalite) wrote in antusgravitus,
Lythia Harrison

Well, here I am. Back in AG XD

Anyway, I'm Jessi (or Kira, as some of you know/knew me. Whatever. Call me whichever you fancy ^^). I'll be playing my old OC, Lythia. 7th year Slytherin who isn't going to have anything to do with a Hufflepuff XD. My personal AIM is MisunderstandxMe, so IM me if you want to RP or just chat.

When I left awhile back, the 96-97 school year, I didn't give an excuse for Lythia's leave. I was too lazy ^_^* So what happened what she disappeared, not in the whole big "Oh my god! Something happened to Lythia!" dramatic way. Those in her dorm simply woke up and she was gone, along with her things. I guess when I post, you all can react accordingly...if at all.

Dumbledore was the only one who knew that she had left for Paris (France) to live with her Uncle.
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